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Passport & ID card Checker/Scanner

Checks Passports and ID Card on several points for authentication 


 Applicable for:


C-Reader Smart RL

C-Reader Smart RL is a compact, full page passport scanner in a stylish housing,
ideal for various governmental and commercial applications for authentication check.
The special reflection-free optical system ensures accurate OCR reading.  

Key Features

>> Small footprint, stylish and ergnomic design
>> Full-page, single-step e-passport scanner with automatic document detection
>> High resolution 500 dpi LED based imaging under visible white, IR and UV light
>> RFID module facilitates reading and writing contactless RF chips in ID documents
>> ISO and ICAO standards compliant, supports BAC, EAC, PA, AA and PACE
>> Two auxiliary USB ports offer convenient connectivity of external devices

Authentication checks

Authentication checks

The world's most advanced ID authentication system for identity documents such 
as passports, visas, driver's licenses, military IDs, social security cards, alien 
registration cards, and other Federal, state, and local government IDs including 
driver's licenses and identification cards from all over the world. Insert an ID into 
an supported document reader. Within seconds, software will identify the issuer 
and type of document, capture all of the biographic and document information, 
and analyze the features of the document under multiple light spectrums to 
determine whether the document is consistent with the known features of the 
particular document type. Based on the results of this analysis, will provide a 
risk assessment that indicates the likelihood that the document is authentic or 
fraudulent. That is the essence of the solution.

Here below summary of authentication checks

i) MRZ checksum verification
It can prove whether the MRZ has been modified. The MRZ checksums are special 
characters calculated from the MRZ data. If the MRZ is modified, it will result in other

ii) MRZ - VIZ(text data apart from MRZ) comparison
In case of differences between these data we can prove whether the MRZ or the VIZ
data has been modified.

iii) B900 ink check
For this checking, we use infrared illumination to prove that the document is printed 
the appropriate ink.


iv) UV paper check (available in case of UV option)
For this checking, we use ultraviolet illumination to prove that the document is made of
the appropriate paper type.


v) Security pattern check
This method can show whether the security patterns are located on the document or not,
using various illuminations. The special zones to be examined are programmable.

vi) Geometry check
This test checks the defined geometric relationships between various parts in the 

vii) OVD (Optical Variable Device) visualization and checking
There can be special zones on the document which visibility depends on the angle of light.
Using different illumination angles we can prove the existence of these special features.


viii) Chip authentications
Both Active and Passive Authentication is supported (AA & PA). These  
authentications prevent unauthorized modification and cloning of the chip.

ix) MRZ data - RFID comparison
This method can prove whether the MRZ or RFID data is modified


x) Printed photo - RFID photo comparison
With a special algorithm we calculate a value which shows the differences 
between the printed and the digitally stored photo. This method can prove
whether the photos are modified


Main Benefits

 Read passports, visas, national ID cards and other documents
 High reliability, no moving parts and dust_proof IP53 optical module
 SDK ensures seamless integration with any existing governmental or 
    commercial workflow
 Automated face comparison between datapage photo and RFID DG2
 Reads 2D barcodes from paper based documents and cell phones
 OVD visualiziation and Reflection Removal (RR) technology helps OCR verification 


C-Reader Software 2

Enables the automatic transfer of textual data from personal and travel documents 
into various applications in a few seconds. It functions in the way that after the 
document has been scanned the ID Reader automatically recognises the type 
of document and then extracts all the textual data from the scanned image.

Here are some samples of videos how C-Reader Software 2 works along with
C-Reader Smart RL

Main benefits

 Fast, in a few seconds 
 No need to manual typing document data
 Accuracy exactness, authenticity, reliability of document data       
 No need to keep the documents on reception desk