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Access Control


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GuardPoint Pro


Key Features
- Large system capabilities
- User friendly software
- Extensive integration gateways
- Multiple workstations
- Extensive reporting feature
- Badge design and printing
- Parking management feature
- Guard patrol module
- Lift control
- Multi site option
- Multi company
- Excel or SQL database
- Time and attendance
- Alarm monitoring
- Graphical maps with icons
- Smart CCTV integration


GuardPoint Pro 

Is Sensor Access's powerful yet user friendly online access control and alarm monitoring 
software.Packed with sophisticated features it perfectly fits the strict requirements of 
high security sites with several hundred thousand users. For small size installations, 
GuardPoint Pro Light is available. The limited version of GuardPoint Pro combines cost 
effectiveness, ease of use and high performance.

The user-friendly software
Is easy to configure and use, with predefined parameters for fast installation, automatic
actions and reflexes, as well as personalized reports wizard. Full information on real time
alarms, card holder transactions and events is provided on the active alarm window, 
event log, diagnostic screens and live interactive graphical maps. 

The GuardPoint Pro software has a large system capacity 
Which Enables an almost unlimited number of doors, controllers, cardholders, readers, 
supervised alarms, outputs, video servers, operators, access groups and security levels.

 controller_120 reader_120cardstags_120 
 Controllers Readers Cards/TagsID Card Printers


GuardPoint Pro

Alarm Control and Graphics
The alarm module is intended for alarms and intrusion management.
It allows arming & disarming of alarms and alarm zones according to 
weekly programs. Actions, processes and global reflexes are easily
implemented using this module.
- Allows for easy personalisation of the system.
- A quick method of setting up cause & effect actions on GuardPoint Pro.
For example: A door forced open alarm can lock down other high security doors.

Parking Control Management
The parking module alows simple capacity control for multiple parking 
lots. Cars belonging to a company are granted access as long as the
company allocated spaces are not fully occupied.
- Allocate parking spaces per group.
- Ideal for multi tenanted buildings.
- Management of multiple parking lots.

Visitor Management
- Integrated visitor management-no need for a separate system.
- Limit users to only seeing and editing just visitors.

Web Interface
- View a real time log.
- Create / modify / delete essential cardholder information.
- Execute actions and processes.
- Activate relays (e.g. In order to open doors in real time).
- Issue basic and statistical reports

Multi Site
This module answers the needs of large corporations. Each site is managed
individually while at the same time the access control is supervised at a
central location.
- Management of multiple facilities.
- Independent control at branch level.
- Centralised database at main location.

Multi Company
- Ideal for multi tenanted buildings.
- Use of a common system within a facility.
- Independent secure management of access control per tenant.

Life Control

- Limit entrance to only authorised floors.
- Control up to 64 floors per controller.
- Ideal for multi tenanted buildings.

Galaxy Alarm IP Panel

- Offers one single user interface.
- User friendly management of the total security package.
- Cost effective integration.

The CCTV module is a unique piece of software that monitors access control
and CCTV, as GuardPoint Pro retrieves data from the DVR and IP cameras 
and displays them. Event, alarm or specific timing can trigger the camera
- Single user interface.
- Ideal for sites where the user wants just one front end.
- Cost effective security management.
- Simple for operation of site security.
- Quick identification of threats.

Biometric Integration
- Fully integrated solution, only one software needed.
- Ideal for high security applications where biometrics are required.

  GuardPoint Pro

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GuardPoint Pro Overview

GuardPoint Pro Overview